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How to increase traffic through SEO

SEO, also known as search engine optimization, improves your visibility in relevant search engine results pages thereby increasing traffic, leads, and higher sales and conversion.

But how, exactly, does it work? Let’s look at how adding keywords to various site elements improve your chances of ranking well in search engines?

The three crucial elements of SEO that increase your website traffic include:

  • Keywords
  • Content
  • Off-page signals


The most basic aspect of SEO is including keywords in your title and header tags, meta descriptions, and body copy. Every time you use a search engine, you are using keywords. It is a best practice to commence your SEO campaign with keywords. Knowing what your audience is searching for is a powerful advantage.

So what kind of keywords should you use? Here are few tips that will help you decide on what keywords to use?


  1. Make a list of all the topics that you want your website to talk about.
  2. Then, group them into broader buckets such that each bucket covers a page or a set of pages on your website.
  3. Once you have the topics, expand them into a list of keywords.
  4. Take a topic and brainstorm all the possible ways that a user would search for that topic. Place yourself in the user’s shoes and imagine what words the user would use to find your content.


If your business is a car dealership, using “cars” as the keyword is very generic as there are thousands of other sites about cars. Instead, aim to include long-tail keywords like “used car dealership”. In this way, your keywords have a better chance of ranking well and attracting qualified traffic. In addition, you should also include location-based keywords like “used car dealership in <your suburb and city>. This will make the search even more targeted.

Additionally, there are third-party tools that let you run reports and give you a picture of keywords your site is ranking for. This will help in giving you a starting point. Another way is by using related searches to expand your keyword target.


Content on your website must be substantial and quality driven. Search engines look at a few signals to determine whether or not your content is work recommending.

Here are few considerations that you must take while writing content:

  • Length
  • Freshness
  • Internal linking


Content must be concise yet comprehensive aiming at quality over quantity. You must aim to write your page content to get more traffic by being more relevant to search queries. You can do this by following the below mentioned on-page principles to improve on-page SEO.

  • Write better title tags
  • Write better meta descriptions
  • Pay attention to your URLs


Search engines prefer sites that are “fresh,” or regularly updated. This means that you can’t just create a bunch of pages and then let them sit for months at a time, hoping that your site traffic will improve. Of course, if you are happy with the content on those pages, there’s no need to change them just for SEO purposes. Instead, consider starting a blog. Even if you only post once a week, this will show search engines that your site is being maintained and updated regularly.

Internal linking

Considering that your site probably only spans one or two industries or interests, there’s a good chance that some of your pages, articles, and blog posts are related. Whenever possible, link this content together. If you’ve written a post about home decorating, for instance, link it to an earlier post about interior design—and vice versa.

Off-page signals

Your website is ranked based on the number of unique domain names linking back to your site, indicating how many site owners are referencing your content.

Guest blogging

Guest blogging is taking the advantage of producing content for another website. If allowed, add links to your website in the article. In this way, you can attract new audiences and bring more visitors to your website.


Links on your website act as votes for its content and quality. When you link content from another site to your website, it positions your website as a reliable source of knowledge and strengthens your search engine rankings. Hence, it is worth spending some time to get them.


This article will provide you enough insights, tips, and considerations to develop a robust SEO strategy.

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