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Online Marketplace Management (Ecommerce Sales Operations) 

Understanding the market size

Average monthly units sold by the competitors.

Number of reviews of the competitors listing.

Fulfillment strategy which the competitor is using.

Age of the competitors product listing on the marketplace.

Average monthly revenue of the competitors.

Rating of the competitors listing.

Expenses which the competitors are incurring.

Weight & dimensions of the competitor listings.

Market Share to be acquired

Once we have a thorough understanding of the market size, we will help brand owners decide on how much market share should the brand aim to acquire in the first 3 years of the business.

Understanding the Fulfillment Cost

Understanding the category under which the product should be listed.

Fixed referral fees of the selected category.

Fixed closing fees of the selected category.

Understanding Expenses for Selling

Explaining brand owners different types of order fulfillment options available.

Calculating the national, regional & local shipping charges.

Packaging material costs like tape, label, bubble wrap, etc.

Finalizing the final selling price

Assisting brand owners with their MRP, discounting structures & arriving at the final selling price.

Selecting the right marketplaces & Onboarding

From the marketplaces submitted by the brand owner, we will help them plan & prioritize the right marketplaces for the brand & ensure smooth onboarding process on multiple marketplaces.

Product Listings

Product Listings to be strategized as per the marketplace guidelines.

Assisting with enhancing the shared content to give enhanced experience to customers.

Brand stores & A+ listings on Amazon.

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