What we offer

Online Promotions Management (Performance Marketing)

Media planning

Keyword research - Use advanced tools for market research.

Competitors’ analysis to be done to find the most appropriate competitors for targeting.

Competitors’ analysis to be done using Helium10 to find the most appropriate competitors for targeting.

Media plan to be shared that includes:

Setting up the campaigns

Compiling the creative assets as per the requirements as mentioned in the media plan.

Systematic setup of campaigns as per the media plan.

Optimizing for optimum results

Daily Monitoring: Quickly scan the budget section to check the campaigns going out of budget or check the campaigns that are not spending & take appropriate steps.

Optimisation: Optimising the campaigns weekly and filling the optimisation template at least once a week.

Coupons & discounts

Applying coupons, deal of the day, lightening deal, promotions, sale price discounts on Amazon, prime exclusive discounts.

Applying events and other type of discounts on Myntra.

Share the discount calendar for marketplaces.

Thorough Reporting

Sharing weekly reports, ad & sales reports, work completed.

Sharing monthly reports, ad & sales report, work completed.

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