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We are humble hustlers.

We challenge each other but we also care for each other. We are committed to our process, but we never put the process above the people, we always have each other’s back. 


If you are someone who enjoys discipline and fun, consider being a part of the SORTD culture.

The Founder

Sumedh Kurhe

‘Building brands is madness and we at SORTD put a method to that madness’ – This is the mantra that keeps him going. Mr. Sumedh Kurhe, the Founder of SORTD is a young and dynamic entrepreneur who believes in creating value in every process he is involved in. 

The ever increasing online universe piqued the interest of this software engineer and thus the journey of SORTD began in 2018.  SORTD’s exponential growth in just 5 years is a result of his love for creating win-win solutions for his clients. 

As an avid networker, he is part of eminent business groups and strongly believes in Giver’s Gain. A die-hard foodie and loves to travel in his free time.

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Brands is Madness
We at SORTD put a Method to that Madness

Start your Journey of Madness with us TODAY & together Build a Successful Brand Online.

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