Avoid making these common mistakes make while selling on Amazon

E-commerce is definitely the next big thing for you, if you are a brand owner. Almost 1 in every 3 people prefer buying a product online. The buyer is already on the lookout for a product that suits his needs and his pockets. But if he doesn’t find your product or if he finds it but is not able to understand if it fits him, if he doesn’t like the color, if the features are not worth his money, he is going to ignore it and your product will get lost in the crowded e-commerce marketplace. 

We understand it can be daunting to make your mark out there without the right guidance. That’s why we have compiled a quick check list of the things you need to keep in mind if you want to grow your brand in the online marketplace.

1. Incomplete, non-informative and non-optimized product titles and description

If you don’t take effort to provide detailed information, the buyer won’t get a real sense of how the product will be useful to him/her. This will certainly hamper the buying decision.

If your buyer can’t discover your product when he/she is looking for it, there is zero percent chance of him buying it. To avoid this, SEO centric product titles and descriptions are a must.

2. Not adding the right infographics and videos to the listing

It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Right visuals and videos help the buyer get more information about the product and eventually lead him/her to making an informed buying decision.  

Consider the photos, infographics, videos as a showcase of your product in the online world as you will not be physically interacting with your buyer. Ensure the pics are not blurry, shot in good lighting, infographics are customized for your product and not just randomly picked up from the internet. Invest in making ‘how to use’ or ‘benefits’ videos as they play a huge role in the buyer’s buying decision. 

3. Missing out on A+ listing and Brand Stores

You can not put out everything in the product listings – there is a limitation of space. Or what you can put out there are mainly the technical aspects of your product. To tackle this we have the A+ listing and brand stores. It is a space where you can connect with your buyer and deliver a value driven brand message. 

A brand store gives your product/s more visibility. It not only introduces interested buyers to your product range but also helps you come across as a more genuine brand. A visitor who ends up going to your brand store from your product pages, is definitely interested and one step closer to making a buying decision. 

4. Not pricing the product correctly 

Pricing strategy can make or break your brand in the online marketplace. Very often brand owner’s end up miscalculating the right pricing for their product. Right pricing strategy strikes a balance between value delivered and profits generated.

For more information on pricing strategy check out the reel below:

5. Trying to do everything all by yourself

The art of delegation is an important business skill, says an article in Forbes. A business owner is literally ‘Chief Everything Officer’ and sometimes while trying to do it all, he often ends up having many loose ends that can affect the business in the long run. The worse is you may end up harming your brand’s online reputation and these will soon start reflecting in your reviews, ratings etc. 

In this increasingly competitive online marketplace, it’s important to have the right partners who will help scale your online brand and make it a mega success story. You can certainly count on SORTD as your trusted ecommerce marketing and distribution agency

 who will provide real value and hand hold you at every step of your ecommerce success journey.

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